Wednesday 29th March 2017

Central Hall, Westminster

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An Institute of Healthcare Management Briefing
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There are better ways to predict patient demand and avoid bed shortages.

Drawing on international experience and years of NHS engagement and comparisons Dr Rod Jones is using modern data mining and analysis techniques to lead a rethink of the strategies for avoiding repeated bed shortages in NHS trusts at key times of the year.

This briefing:

  • Presents new ways of looking at your patient flow
  • Helps finance staff budget better 
  • Improves operations teams' ability to allocate resources and staff  
  • Shows how commissioning groups make interventions that can make a difference to admissions and discharge

Despite receiving increasingly complex analysis and recommendations in 2016, early 2017 once again saw many trusts struggling to find enough beds for their patients.

Watch this briefing to discover answers to how we may be able to confront the bed shortage issue and ease it's disruptive and dangerous impact on care.

> Watch the briefing here

This briefing has been designed for:

  • Trust Governors and Board members
  • Chief Executives
  • Civil Servants and policy makers
  • Statisticians and NHS data providers
  • Trust Operations Directors
  • Directors of Nursing & Midwifery.
  • Directors of HR and workforce planning.
  • Admissions and Discharge directors
  • Finance Directors
  • Commissioning Directors
  • A&E Managers 
  • Professional Associations
  • Health Research and Academic staff
  • Think Tanks and management consultancies

> Watch the presentations here

Dr Rod Jones
Statistical Advisor, Healthcare Analysis & Forecasting
Roy Lilley
Health policy analyst, writer, broadcaster and commentator on the National Health Service and social issues
Jill DeBene
Chief Executive, Institute of Healthcare Management
Sasha Karakusevic
Director of Strategy and Transformation, North Bristol NHS Trust; Senior Fellow, Nuffield Trust; NHS Horizons
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